Friday, January 11, 2013

Modern Family

(originally written 1/13/12)

Satan has waged a war against the family, and his artillery of choice has been the media. By making fathers look like buffoons and husbands looking incompetent, the subtle message is made clear: children can talk back and disrespect because they are always right, and the woman has to run the home because her husband can’t possibly make a right decision. Shows like The Simpsons and Everybody Loves Raymond are guilty of this.

Then there are the shows that promote the single life over the married life (I know that being is ok; that is not the point). Shows like How I Met Your Mother show guys who sleep with different women every night (Barney once celebrated the fact that he slept with his 1,000th woman); the reality is people like this are miserable and would have more STD’s then there are names for. The next big theme for TV was the divorced character; the idea here is that everyone gets divorced and we should all just accept it.

But that was not enough for the devil. He had to pull out a new weapon, and he has done it this time with ABC’s Modern Family. This sitcom, now in its third season, follows the lives of three families as if it were a documentary. One of those families has Ed O’Neill as the father (Al Bundy from Married With Children), a man who is divorced and living with his trophy wife who is half his age. Another one of those families is a homosexual couple that has adopted a baby girl.

After the entire first season aired without any affection being shown between the men, the LGBT began to complain. Then a 2nd season episode called “The Kiss” featured just that.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but do you see the agenda here? We are now defining the modern family as homosexuals that can adopt. ABC is killing two birds with one stone on this, championing not just the homosexual lifestyle, but also the gay adoption issue. Consider how ABC writes the bio for Lily, the adopted Vietnamese girl:

Her home is with her two loving adoptive dads, Mitchell and Cameron. These two big monkeys fell in love with this little panda the moment they met her…” (

Isn’t that sweet? How could anyone have a problem with these two loving monkeys adopting this girl? Despite the fact that the Bible calls it an abomination, you are made to appear cruel and heartless if you disapprove of it.

Homosexuals cannot reproduce so they must recruit (further evidence that God is opposed to homosexuality), and adopting children is good recruiting grounds. Let’s see what kind of job these loving monkeys have done with their daughter.

On an episode set to air next week, Lily, the toddler, will say the F word on TV. Proving once and for all that ABC still has a shred of moral decency, they will bleep the curse word, but the point is still the same. Obviously the real crime is that this child’s real mother is allowing her to say this word, but the point of the episode will make clear that the girls “fathers” are the ones who taught her the word.

If this is what the modern family looks like we are in big trouble. 

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