Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pro-Abortionists Hate Science

One of the classic broad misrepresentations used against Christianity is that we hate science. By hating science they mean we reject their pseudo-science called Darwinian evolution. 

Although we could easily counter that they hate science for neglecting the scientific method or embracing a belief system in direct opposition to Thermodynamics, a much better response is to point out the most glaring hatred of science espoused by atheists and liberals alike.

These champions of science hurriedly change their tune when it comes to the unborn. Ultrasound technology, embryology, neonatology, and DNA studies continue to confirm that life begins inside the womb, most likely at conception. 

But liberals are quick to brush this science to the side and remain beholden to their belief system--the same thing they accuse Christians of doing. They love abortion because it is a billion dollar industry, so they repeat their anti-science claims of

"Its just a blob of cells." 
"It doesn't look like a human."   

In reality we know (through science) that each fertilized egg is genetically complete, and has its own unique DNA that no other person will ever have. This is far from the dime-a-dozen glob of tissue mantra. 

Someone who loves science should want to celebrate what science has given us and share it with all who will listen. So why are they up in arms that Texas passed a law requiring women to have to actually look at an ultrasound image before aborting her child? Its science! 

The problem is they don't like what the science proves. They would rather trick you into mutilating your baby (for $2,000) then let you see their dirty little secret on the ultrasound film. 

In books like Unplanned and Won by Love, Abby Johnson and Norma "Jane Roe" McCorvey recount their experiences working in clinics in which lying to the patients was routine. When the young mother would ask what her baby looked like, they were told the "fetus" was just a clump of cells that didn't resemble anything human. 

(4D ultrasound: Clump of cells not acting very human)

So the next time you are accused of hating science, point out how much you love embryology, and dare that person to type 4D ultrasound into Google images. We'll see who really hates science. 

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