Saturday, August 21, 2021

If Tombs Could Talk


Wouldn’t it be nice if tombs could talk? I would love to hear what that empty tomb would say about the very brief time that it held the body of Jesus. Here is what I believe that tomb would tell us, if only tombs could talk: 


I had heard of Jesus, He was all the talk in town;

I was glad He was condemned, glad to see He was going down.

They say He was a blasphemer, that He claimed to be the Christ,

He got what He deserved; He deserved to lose His life.

But He is not here. He is risen. 


They rolled away my stone and brought His body inside;

I expected a celebration, but Joseph only cried.

“Strange,” I thought, “to mourn over this liar,

He claimed to be God in the flesh, that He was equal with the Father.”

But He is not here. He is risen.


I was proud to do my duty, keeping watch over this body.

No one would ever see Him again because they couldn’t get inside me.

But before I knew what happened, on the morning of day three,

This Jesus sat right up, and then walked right out of me!

Now He is not here. He is risen.


Then an angel came and rolled away my stone;

Some women came, and then some men, and found His body gone.

I only had one job— to keep a dead man’s corpse inside,

What was I supposed to do when the corpse came back to life?

He is not here. He is risen.


I used to count it an honor to guard a criminal’s body;

Now I have a bigger honor, to share my testimony.

When people come and check me out they never leave the same,

They might walk in a skeptic, but they leave praising Jesus’ name.

Because He is not here. He is risen.  


I changed the life of James and Jesus’ other brother Jude;

They didn’t believe that He was God until they walked inside my tomb.

Or the man who persecuted believers, known as Paul, and sometimes Saul,

One look at the risen Lord, now the greatest missionary of all.

Because He is not here. He is risen.


I was once a skeptic, but now I have no doubt;

I saw His body laying here, and I watched Him walk right out.

Maybe you’re a skeptic. He will do the same for you.

You will never be the same when you see the empty tomb.

For He is not here. He is risen.

















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